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School Management Software

School Management Software

In Education, technology can be a life-changer, a game changer for kids who are both in school and out of school

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  • Secure Access

The advance protection layer makes it difficult to be
manipulated by un-authorized personnel and there is a mechanism that actively monitors suspicious activities reporting them to the Administrator.

  • Online Billing System

Parent can now see both paid and outstanding bill for school fees, hostel fees, other charges at real time. This allow for transparency and faster payment response from parents.

  • Library System

The library allows libarians or teachers to add electronic books for students which can be servered or checked out. The students can read the books and limits can be placed on how many books a student can reserve at a time.

Vennit technologies is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Nigeria. It is known for providing world class technology solutions to small and medium size businesses.

  • Virtual Classrooms

Some of the benefits of using our virtual classroom are the platform can be accessed from all devices from laptop, tablets, phones, the platforms becomes the property of the school, the platform is very user friendly and easy for kids to use, and lots more

  • Online Report Card

Teachers input daily attendance, class works, quizzes, test, on incremental bases. Parents on the other hand can view the performance of their children on the go allowing them to compare performances over time.

  • Biometric Attendance

The biometric attendance for schools is the most sorted for because of the level of confidence it gives schools in assuring parents about the safety of their wards or children. Yet it eliminates the daily class attendance which can be easily compromised.

  • Computer Based Exams

Computer based examinations would not completely replace hand written exams but it opens new level of possibilities such as Multiple Test Administration, Dynamic And Individualized Assessments, Immediate Grading and lots more.

  • Advertise Online

Gone are the days when schools only rely on word of the mouth to get more students. The internet has made it so easy now that you can reach your exact audience as convenient as possible.

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