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HR Software

Get rid of the paperwork and spreadsheets floating around your office and Turn into beautiful online people database with employee profiles

What Makes Vennit HR Software Unique


Vennit HR allows you to keep in track your invoices, Payments and generate reports. Invoice with different tax based on items.


A very intelligent and robust payroll management is provided so that you do not have to worry about any aspect of your payroll management.


Store & maintain comprehensive asset information & employees can raise requests to replace or repair assets which have stopped working.


Manage All Your Staff

An internal search for a candidate allows an organisation to use its own employees' skills. It has the advantage of being low in cost and enables the organisation to select a replacement who is familiar with its operation. Potential candidates are identified and recommended by existing employees. If a referral is successful, the employee will receive a referral bonus for helping the organisation to find the right person for the job. Job opening Information, requirements and skills information and staffing status.

App Features

Here are some of the human resource application features

HR Calendar

HR Calendar keeps you and your team organised. Manage leave, track goals, projects, tasks, training, meeting and plan events. Vennit HR reminds you about:

•Leave Requests
•Travel Requests
•Upcoming Birthday
•Trainings, Projects and Tasks
•Events, Meetings and Goals


Track employee daily attendance easily with employee Web Clock In and Clock Out

• Monthly Timesheet Dashboard
• Timesheet Calendar
• Overtime Request
• Office Shifts
• Manage Holidays


There are several ways to record deposits to accounts but the most efficient way in Vennit HR is through the Bank payment system.

•Finance Dashboard
•Cash Management
•Deposit and Expenses
•Payees and Payers


Get more visibility and manage Employee expenses efficiently and easy to create and submit expenses for approval

Vennit HR

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